The Kansas City Neurologists and Staff at the RNI Make All the Difference

  • We find the root cause – we don't just give you one more pill.
  • An Independent Neurology Institute - without the facility fees and restrictive referrals of hospital chains.
  • Seamless communication - with all ancillary services under one roof.
  • We control our own tools - configured ideally for our patients.
  • We see patients from Coast to Coast - with easy access to MCI and other airports.

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Two locations serving Greater Kansas City.
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RNI is built around research.
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Insist on RNI to treat:


RNI is the best clinic in Kansas City for treatment of stubborn migraines.

  • We identify your particular triggers before reaching for the script pad.
  • Original research into migraine triggers helps us avoid the overuse of drugs.
  • Physical therapists who specialize in headache triggers.

Sleep Disorders

Our Sleep Center helps people every day with insomnia, fatigue, and sleep apnea.

  • Break the pills-and-caffeine cycle.
  • Sleep study available at both our Lenexa, KS, and North Kansas City clinics.
  • We walk you through your sleep study and what it means.
  • For patients with CPAP we carefully track compliance.

Multiple Sclerosis

Coordinated care is crucial for MS patients, as we closely track patients' disease and tailor their care.

  • Accurate diagnosis and monitoring of disease trajectory is critical.
  • Pysical therapists specialize in MS issues like mobility and balance.
  • RNI is a clinical trial center for MS in Kansas City.
  • RNI conducts original research into MS.

General Neurology

We offer the fullest array of neurological testing and diagnosis of any independent neurology clinic in Kansas City.

  • Equipment is specialized for neurology, including our MRI.
  • We do tests correctly to answer neurologic questions the first time through, and explain results clearly.
  • EEG and Video Monitoring to evaluate seizures and spells
  • Acute Back & Neck Pain – We are expert in diagnosis and therapy, and rarely recommend surgery. RNI physical therapists teach patients how to stay pain-free.
  • Memory loss and neuropsychology evaluation

What is coordinated care?

It takes a team to treat neurology patients. Do you want your team to talk to one another, or would you rather have them faxing memos back and forth?

  • No "blind spots" – Team approach lets caregivers sub-specialize, providing a true expert in every disease area.
  • Do tests right, the first time – We optimize our own equipment to answer neurologic questions, including MRI and x-ray imaging, EEG, EMG, and sleep lab.
  • Caregivers who live and breathe neurology – Physical therapists and nurses who care only for neurology patients, five days a week. Nurses who care only for MS patients.
  • State-of-the-art electronic medical records (EMR, which has achieved Stage 2 Meaningful Use and ICD 10 Readiness and allows patients to see their own test results), High Level PACS for image review, and digital communication with referring physicians, all help provide seamless and rapid communication with all caregivers, and helps us to research and detect previously unknown connections between neurological disorders.

Coordinated Facilities:

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  • DrR in clinic 400x276 50x60 Home | Kansas City Neurologists
    DrR in clinic 400x276 Home | Kansas City Neurologists

    Clinics in Lenexa and North K.C.

    Posted by Vernon Rowe on Oct 23, 2012

    R.N.I. doctors consult across sub-specialties to spot interconnected causes and symptoms
  • PT on neck2 400x276 50x60 Home | Kansas City Neurologists
    PT on neck2 400x276 Home | Kansas City Neurologists

    Physical Therapy

    Posted by Vernon Rowe on Oct 24, 2012

    Physical therapists offer highly specialized therapy for patients with all kinds of neurological disorders.
  • MRI straightened 400x293 50x60 Home | Kansas City Neurologists
    MRI straightened 400x293 Home | Kansas City Neurologists

    Imaging Center

    Posted by Vernon Rowe on Oct 23, 2012

    Our MRI imaging center specializes in neurology scans, and uses custom settings designed by RNI physicians
  • SleepStudy 5 50x60 Home | Kansas City Neurologists
    SleepStudy 5 Home | Kansas City Neurologists

    Sleep Clinic

    Posted by Vernon Rowe on Oct 25, 2012

    R.N.I. runs a sleep clinic with four private rooms.
  • DSCF1408c 50x60 Home | Kansas City Neurologists
    DSCF1408c 1024x682 Home | Kansas City Neurologists


    Posted by Vernon Rowe on Oct 25, 2012

    Basic research as well as patient data analysis contribute to better care for R.N.I. patients.
  • infusion patient 400x286 50x60 Home | Kansas City Neurologists
    infusion patient 400x286 Home | Kansas City Neurologists

    Infusion Center

    Posted by Vernon Rowe on Oct 25, 2012

    Nurses administer infusions in our outpatient clinic. For some patients this can save a trip to the emergency room.

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