A Team Approach to Neurological Care

RNI is a patient-centered research-driven organizationDr. Vernon Rowe founded his practice alone, and was frustrated by his patients’ experience when he referred them out for anscillary testing and services.  In order to provide patients with the highest quality of care and latest advances in neurological medicine, he began assembling a team of neurological sub-specialists and other caregivers.  His goal was to provide comprehensive care without the waste, confusion, and repeated tests that can be caused by poor communication between many unrelated caregivers and facilities.

Our various disciplines reinforce each other in ways that patients sometimes don’t expect.  Many are surprised to learn that neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis and migraine headaches can benefit from physical therapy.  In these cases, having a physical therapy clinic on-site is of immense value to patients, as it guarantees caregiver communication in a highly specialized area.

The Latest Research

Every member of the Rowe Neurology Institute team is expected to stay on top of cutting-edge research in their field, and to spread new information to colleagues.  RNI patients don’t have to worry about being referred to a doctor for cutting-edge care and then told it isn’t offered.

RNI’s team approach to research has successfully uncovered connections between many distinct neurological conditions.  For example, headache patients have access to a doctor who is board certified in diagnosing and treating sleep disorders, which cutting-edge research has shown to often cause migraines.  (Read more about RNI research.)