Our Mission and Philosophy

by Vernon Rowe

Our Mission—To take the best care of our patients we possibly can, to help improve their quality of life.

We believe—doctors should remain independent from the business interests of medicine. When I was a freshman medical student, my Mom, a public health nurse with a Masters degree, took me to see some of her clients. They lived in migrant camps and shacks, and were the poorest of the poor in that tourist town nestled in the mountains of western North Carolina.

She discovered a tuberculosis epidemic in those poverty-stricken people. When she made that information known, she found herself summarily dismissed. Tourists might no longer come for visits if they found out they faced a TB epidemic. Sometimes the truth is bad for business. That is why I can never work for the business interests of medicine.

Those business interests are still at work, and control most of modern medicine. Our democratic process and regulatory agencies seem powerless against them. They are the hospital industry, the insurance industry, and the pharmaceutical industry. Sometimes the truth about them is bad for their business.

So we at the RNI don’t work for hospitals. Or insurance companies. Or drug companies. Though we do work with many of them to obtain the best care we can for our patients. Our primary duty remains to our patients, and not to the business interests of medicine.

We believe—doctors should continue to learn from their colleagues, the medical literature, and their patients throughout their lifetime.

We believe—doctors should control the quality and access to the tools they need for their medical practice.

We believe—doctors should be engaged in research, to help maintain a cutting edge knowledge, and to help develop new therapies for the care of their patients.

We believe—doctors should hold themselves to a high standard of truth-telling, be unafraid to advocate at every level for their patients, and never, ever let business get in the way of the truth.

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