Dear Friends:

If you or a family member has a neurological problem such as multiple sclerosis (MS), a sleep disorder, stroke, headache, Parkinson’s disease, or dementia, I hope you will consider Rowe Neurology Institute as a place you can come for help.

I founded the practice hoping to give patients the type of care I would want myself – comprehensive care that looks at the whole person and not just the disease. As a physician, I see myself as a partner with the patients who come to me. I listen to them and I learn from them. I hear their problems, their frustrations and their fears. Together, we arrive at the most accurate diagnosis possible, and together, we plan the most effective treatment.

I’ve tried to create the perfect neuroscience institute – staffed by top-notch neurological sub-specialists who not only treat patients but also conduct cutting-edge research. We understand you need answers quickly, so we make every attempt to schedule your appointment with 48 hours of your phone call.

The institute features its own testing centers and MRI imaging center, which allow us to get quicker and more accurate results without the inflated costs of hospital-based imaging centers. Visit our online MS, memory disorders, neuropsychological, headache and sleep disorders centers.

We will work with your primary care doctor to communicate and coordinate your care, whether they referred you to the institute or if you come to us through another source.

Finally, we are very proud of the clinical research and clinical trials we are conducting, helping to find new treatments for MS, stroke, and sleep disorders and other conditions. Our not-for-profit MidAmerica Neuroscience Research Foundation is helping us to understand the causes of, and cures for neurological conditions so you and your family will have a healthier future.

Yours in Good Health,

Vernon Rowe, MD

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