RNI Policies

Tests results are not given on the phone.

A visit with your neurologist is the best way to go over results and discuss their importance.

Medications refills are handled during office visits.

Discuss this with your doctor at every visit, and keep track of your refills available at your pharmacy.   In the rare occasion when a refill is needed without an office visit, your pharmacy must fax the request.  The number is 913-894-1502.  You do not need to leave a message with our nursing staff if your pharmacy is faxing us the request.

It usually takes several days to process requests for medication refills, and they are only handled during regular business hours.   No refills are handled after hours, or by the on-call physician.


Each patient is responsible for payment of his/her medical bills.  Copays are always due at the time of service.  As a courtesy to our patients, we will file your insurance claim for you with your insurance company.  However, we cannot mediate disputes or resolve differences between you and your insurance company.