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How To Find A Really Good Doctor—A Critical Part of Your Healthcare

Many years ago a great teacher at Duke Medical School, Eugene Stead, told me “What every patient needs is a really good doctor.” That’s as true today as it ever was. Notice it’s not a really good MRI or other

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This Is MS Awareness Month–MS Treatment

by Vernon Rowe, Doug Schell, and Aaron Seacat March is MS Awareness Month. This time of year we as a country focus on MS, a disease that affects more than 400,000 people in the US and is a major crippler

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High Deductible Insurance 101—Warning! This could save you thousands!

By Vernon Rowe, Aaron Seacat, Rose Eilts, and Amber Smith With the changes in health insurance these days, Obamacare causing high deductible insurance for employer based health plans, and the increasing responsibility for patient payments caused by these changes, the

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New Device for Headache Treatment | Headache Treatment Center | Rowe Neurology Institute

By Vernon Rowe, Dana Winegarner, and Aaron Seacat Doctors at the Headache Treatment Center of the Rowe Neurology Institute are using a new device, called the Tx360, for headache treatment in a specially selected group of patients with chronic migraine

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Can Sleep Give Sports Teams An Advantage?

By Vernon Rowe and Aaron Seacat Though we are learning about the performance problems created by concussion in sports, we know virtually nothing about the sleep disorders those concussions can cause. What do we know about sleep and sports? Everyone

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More Than An Open Low Cost MRI–A Neurologist Who Can Read It and Treat You

We believe an MRI, just like an EMG, a Sleep Study, an EEG, and nearly every other test we use, is merely an extension of the neurological history and examination. So you need an Open Low Cost MRI that is

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Why I Love Clinical Neurology

By Vernon Rowe Someone asked me the other day why I love Clinical Neurology. The short answer is it gives me immense enjoyment at all levels. The long answer involves the concept of “flow.” Here’s how: I enter a patient’s

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Five Reasons to See a Headache Specialist About Your Headaches NOW

By Aaron Seacat and Vernon Rowe 1. You can never replace a day lost to headaches… or to the side-effects of many migraine drugs. The longer you wait, the more family events, work days and special holidays you’ll miss. FIND

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Unintended Consequences of Obamacare

Dr. Vernon Rowe is a member of the AMA House of Delegates, representing the American Society of Neuroimaging. Many members of the AMA still doubt that Obamacare, or The Affordable Care Act, will succeed in the long run. They believe

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Sleep Apnea Is the Real Cause of Chronic Insomnia

Chronic Insomnia is a common complaint, and most of us have transient insomnia from time to time. But chronic insomnia robs us of quality of life and job performance. For many years, sleep physicians at the RNI have known that

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