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New Device for Headache Treatment | Headache Treatment Center | Rowe Neurology Institute

By Vernon Rowe, Dana Winegarner, and Aaron Seacat Doctors at the Headache Treatment Center of the Rowe Neurology Institute are using a new device, called the Tx360, for headache treatment in a specially selected group of patients with chronic migraine

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More Than An Open Low Cost MRI–A Neurologist Who Can Read It and Treat You

We believe an MRI, just like an EMG, a Sleep Study, an EEG, and nearly every other test we use, is merely an extension of the neurological history and examination. So you need an Open Low Cost MRI that is

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Five Reasons to See a Headache Specialist About Your Headaches NOW

By Aaron Seacat and Vernon Rowe 1. You can never replace a day lost to headaches… or to the side-effects of many migraine drugs. The longer you wait, the more family events, work days and special holidays you’ll miss. FIND

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Migraine Relief Formula

The Headache Center at Rowe Neurology Institute has said over and over that there is no single cure for migraine, because every patient is unique and must be evaluated and treated individually. However, there is a pattern developing of satisfied

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Ninety Percent of Pregnancy Headaches are Migraine or Tension-type Headaches

The vast majority of headaches experienced during pregnancy and the postnatal period are benign, with approximately 90% of occurrences of head pain during these phases representing migraine or tension-type headaches. According to a new review published in The Obstetrician &

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Millions of Americans are Suffering from Cluster Headaches this Summer

One of several types of headaches categorized as Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalalgias (TACs), the cluster headache is typically characterized by unilateral pain behind or in the vicinity of one eye, along with associated symptoms including nasal congestion, profuse sweating, swelling or

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Older Migraine Headache Sufferers are More Like to Have Silent Brain Injury

A recent study published in the American Heart Association’s journal Stroke suggests that individuals with a history of migraines are twice as a likely to experience silent brain injury as those who do not suffer from migraines. Led by Teshamae

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Researchers Around the World are Working on a Tool that will Help them Understand and Combat Migraine Headaches

Headaches are a ubiquitous phenomenon that affect individuals across the globe, with sleep and neck problems representing some of the most common migraine triggers. According to the Norwegian Advisory Unit on Headaches, however, the prevalence of headaches among different regions

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Cefaly Device Provides an Alternative to Drugs for Migraine Relief

If you suffer from debilitating headaches, you are not alone: nearly 10% of the world’s population suffers from migraines. While a variety of medications are employed to treat the pain, nausea, tunnel vision, and other symptoms associated with these chronic

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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation may be Effective in Disrupting the Progression of a Migraine Headache

For many years, relieving migraine headaches without drugs seemed impossible. In recent years, however, neurologists have hit on a wide range of treatment options that do not rely on medication to get the job done. One of the most exciting

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