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Can Sleep Give Sports Teams An Advantage? Dr. Rowe on Good SportsTV

Dr. Rowe was interviewed by Steve Fisch for his Good Sports TV show–he talked about the importance of sleep for athletic performance, and touched on concussion. Here is the link By Vernon Rowe Though we are learning about the performance

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Snoring Children May Have Sleep Apnea

Snoring in children is not normal, and may be caused by sleep apnea. If not diagnosed and treated, it not only causes a reduced quality of life but also has many developmental consequences. This is discussed in detail in a

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ADHD Over Diagnosed, Sleep May Be Real Culprit

Parents concerned about ADHD should not only be attentive to the AMOUNT of sleep their child receives but also to their QUALITY of sleep. A medical study highlighted in the NY Times revealed that children with sleep breathing disorders were

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Sleep Apnea Is the Real Cause of Chronic Insomnia

Chronic Insomnia is a common complaint, and most of us have transient insomnia from time to time. But chronic insomnia robs us of quality of life and job performance. For many years, sleep physicians at the RNI have known that

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Your Sleep Disorder may be Caused by Your House Pets

Environmental sleep disorders include any sleep disturbances that are caused by conditions related to one’s external surroundings. These disturbances may include noise such as that of a crying baby or music emanating from the apartment next door, movement caused by

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Quality of Sleep May Help Neck and Back Pain Sufferers Stay Physically Active

A new study titled “Better Quality Sleep Promotes Daytime Physical Activity in Patients with Chronic Pain? A Multilevel Analysis of the Within-Person Relationship” indicates that sufferers of chronic pain can help to maintain their physical mobility by improving the quality

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Individuals with a Sleep-Breathing Disorder May be Impacting Neurons Responsible for Keeping Heart Rate Low

Among the numerous tasks performed by the human brainstem, one of the most vital is that of regulating the body’s cardiovascular system, which relies on neurons based in the brainstem to maintain a low resting heart rate. According to a

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Insomnia and Stroke

Do you have trouble getting a good night’s sleep? You’re not alone. Nearly one in three Americans suffers from insomnia. Chronic sleep deprivation can cause myriad side effects from difficulty concentrating to depression, and a recent study suggests that there

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Is it Just Insomnia or do I have a Sleep Disorder?

There’s nothing worse than not being able to sleep. Whether you have difficulty going to sleep in the first place or routinely wake up in the middle of the night, unable to fall back asleep, the end result is the

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The Link between Sleep Disorders and Diabetes

High blood sugar can be a warning sign that a patient is actually suffering from some sort of sleep disorder. Sleep disorders can be caused by other disorders as well. Whether this cause is something as straightforward as obesity with

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