RNI Offices Embody Our Patient-Centered Care Philosophy | We Focus on Quality of Life

We believe in patient-centered care at the RNI, and we built our suites to reflect this. When you come to the RNI, you own your little bit of real estate–the examination room. After a brief visit to the reception area, and some exposure to our in-house video lecture series on headache, sleep disorders, neck pain, back pain, and multiple sclerosis and many of the other problems you might come to a neurologist to help you with, you will be escorted to your temporary home.

There, a nurse will weigh you and measure other vital signs in the privacy of that room, again with a patient-centered care focus. You’ll have access to Wi-Fi.

Physicians and other providers will come to you there, and review all testing on the monitor with you, with displays and diagrams of your test results and images on our PACS.

When your questions are answered and a treatment plan arrived at, a scheduler will come to you, and schedule any testing and return visits, again in your little piece of real estate, in that room. Any insurance questions can be answered there also.

Then, you will be escorted back into the outside world, better and wiser about your diagnosis and treatment plan.

So while you are at the RNI, at either office, our focus will be on you and your health.

And when you leave our offices, you’ll be able to access your medical record at home for a refresher and communication through our secure patient portal. Copies of all images will be provided at your request on a disk.

And communication with your primary care provider will be done seamlessly through our electronic medical records system, one of the most advanced available.

We do what we do for you, and to try to improve your quality of life. And we try to measure that change in quality of life every time you visit, all with patient-centered care in mind.

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