RNI Leadership in Healthcare Costs Debate

With national attention focused on how health care is managed and paid for, things are changing rapidly.  Unfortunately for patients, the loudest voices in this discussion are those with the most money and power:  national hospital chains and the American Hospital Association (AHA).  But we believe common sense can prevail, and RNI is entering this discussion and leading other small organizations in the fight for patients.

You won’t believe this, but the often-vilified Insurance Companies are our friends in this battle.  This is because independent outpatient clinics like RNI deliver care for a much lower cost than hospitals charge for the exact same outpatient services.  Hospitals have used their power to make this overcharging possible, but now people are finally paying attention:  This system-gaming has cost patients, insurance companies, and our country a lot of money, and there is a chance to beat them back.

RNI has begun sending a representative to MedPAC to make sure the voice of independent practices is heard.

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