Five Reasons to See a Headache Specialist About Your Headaches NOW

By Aaron Seacat and Vernon Rowe

1. You can never replace a day lost to headaches… or to the side-effects of many migraine drugs. The longer you wait, the more family events, work days and special holidays you’ll miss. FIND A HEADACHE SPECIALIST AND MAKE AN APPOINTMENT NOW

2. Medical deductibles should not hold you back from seeking help for your headache. Most likely you will end up using up your deductible sometime this year, and after that your insurance will cover everything except a copay. So delaying care because of your deductible will not save you money for the year, it will just delay your care now. KNOW YOUR DEDUCTIBLE REQUIREMENTS.

3. Complex headaches don’t go away by simply adding JUST ONE MORE DRUG. The root causes of your headache need to be found, to get you off the “drug roller coaster.” FIX THOSE ROOT CAUSES.

4. Headaches don’t slow down for the spring or summer holidays… they often kick into high gear. We as Headache Specialists kick into high gear too, to help keep you out of Emergency Rooms and Hospitals. We also make special arrangements for student evaluations during spring break. CALL TODAY AND MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. 913-894-1500

5. Botox: It isn’t just for wrinkles anymore…but it has to be used correctly.
But before Botox, the multiple and interlinked causes for worsening headaches, like sleep problems and neck issues, need to be considered. RNI is the only Headache Center in the region with a team of integrated subspecialists working together to find the right solution for your headache. VISIT RNI Headache Center TO LEARN MORE

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