Migraine Relief Success Story | Rowe Neurology Institute

A patient who looked for migraine relief for over 10 years and finally found it at the Rowe Neurology Institute (previously )MidAmerica Neuroscience Institute wrote this testimonial on Angie’s List.  Since Angie’s List requires a paid subscription to join, we asked and received permission to reprint her story here:

I have suffered from migraines since Feb 2000. I have been to 6 neurologiests, Headache and Pain Center, and even Michigan Head Pain and Neurological Institute. It wasn’t until Dr. Winegarner was reccommended to me that I have had any relief. I suffered from daily chronic migraines and was about to lose my job. Dr. Winegarner and his staff were very professional, reviewed my chart from all the other offices and offered several options. I was able to get off of all my prescription medications and am taking a combination of over-the-counter meds that have DRASTICALLY reduced my migraines. He is a miracle worker. I would recommend him to anyone who is suffering from migraines or other head pain disorders.

-Kimber Jantz

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