Migraine Relief Formula

The Headache Center at Rowe Neurology Institute has said over and over that there is no single cure for migraine, because every patient is unique and must be evaluated and treated individually. However, there is a pattern developing of satisfied (former) migraine sufferers that all seem to be singing from the same hymnal. In recording their testimonials, like the one below, a common migraine story is developing.

• Had regular or daily headaches
• Currently on or tried multiple medications with little improvement or bad side effects
• Evaluated at Rowe Neurology Institute
• Found previously undiagnosed sleep disorder (like sleep apnea or RLS)
• Usually a side-sleeper or sleeps on their stomach
• Pinched nerves in the neck (possibly triggering migraines)

After a comprehensive neurological evaluation these migraine sufferers receive an individualized treatment plan developed to fix the root cause(s) of their migraine. Patients are most appreciative that they are not simply getting another drug to treat their symptoms. The common treatment “formula” that has emerged.

• Physical therapy to correct the mechanics of the neck and shoulder complex and to strengthen weaker muscle components to correct movement patterns
• Sleep study to diagnose and properly treat the sleep disorder
• Learning to sleep in a “neutral spine” position that was previously difficult or impossible due to undiagnosed/untreated sleep disorder
• Unparalleled expertise in medication management to eliminate or pare down medications to a bare minimum

This model of care at Rowe Neurology Institute (RNI) is unique in that the care provided from RNI’s accredited sleep center, the clinical neurologists, electrophysiologist, neuro-radiologists and physical therapist are all coordinated together. Communication happens seamlessly and easily between the different departments so that ultimately, the patient experiences the most effective and cost-efficient care possible.

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