Headache Center at RNI for Headaches and Migraine

Take your life back from migraine headaches

The Headache Center at RNI helps more than 90% of patients eliminate or manage their headaches, including migraine headaches. Many of them thought they had “tried everything” — which usually means a frustrating cycle of drugs and side-effects. If you’ve been suffering from migraines in Kansas City with no relief, you need to come see us.

Over thirty years of treating migraine patients in Kansas City, RNI founder Dr. Vernon Rowe has found that the only way to consistently relieve patients’ pain is to identify the root causes and triggers. We can then keep most patients headache-free, with only occasional medication if necessary.

In difficult cases we can go to the cutting edge of medications, including the capacity to administer Botox in our clinic. But we’re going to apply our non-medication knowledge first, because it’s the best way to give patients long-term relief, and avoid side effects.

New Patients seen in 3 days.

Hear a patient’s story about how finding the root causes of her headache got her off medications and ended her depression.

Dr. Vernon Rowe introduces the Headache Center:

Accurate diagnosis is hard work, but it’s the key

RNI migraine doctors help patients like you all the time through hard work. Instead of prescribing pills right away, we figure out exactly what type of headache you are suffering from, and what specific triggers are causing them. Our findings might astonish you in their simplicity.

Headaches can be tricky to diagnose because they are so often caused by other, apparently unrelated, conditions.  RNI, more than any other headache treatment center in Kansas City, is on the cutting edge of research into such triggers:

  • pinched nerves and other mechanical issues
  • sleep position and other sleep problems
  • high blood pressure
  • anxiety, depression, or other psychological issues

To address these underlying causes of headache, the Headache Center at RNI brings together cutting-edge knowledge and a team of experts in supporting areas.

Coordinated care saves time and money

We have brought together all of the professionals and equipment a headache patient is likely to need, all under one roof so that everyone is on the same page. Cutting-edge, research-based care can only be delivered when all the caregivers and technicians are on the same page. You don’t need complications like repeated tests, incorrect MRI settings, or caregivers who are “moonlighting” in headache therapy — you have enough headaches.

And we can deliver these results for overall costs that make insurers prefer us over 80% of neurology practices treating headaches in Kansas City.  We achieve these savings through accurate work and staying independent from hospital chains.

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New Patients seen in 3 days.

What can I do If I can’t come to the Rowe Neurology Institute in Lenexa KS?

Dr. Vernon Rowe has two web-based informational websites that provide in-depth information about each of the neurological conditions that we specialize in, including informational videos like this one, with transcripts, that are unlike anything else on the web–they are NOT SPONSORED by any pharmaceutical company or other commercial entity. These are DOCTORROWE.COM and ThatNeurologyDoc.com. The information provided will help you navigate your care wherever you go, with knowledge about the questions you should ask your doctor, and the tests that may be recommended, as well as some tips on how to obtain cost effective care, wherever you live.

by Vernon Rowe, M.D.
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