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“We don’t just give you one more pill.”

Most of the patients who come to see us are already taking medication for their condition, be it sleep problems, migraine, or something else. It doesn’t make sense to try another pill until we find the root cause of the condition.

Coordinated care gets patients better

Shane Jackson, DPT, teaches a patient the correct posture to relieve her migraines.

RNI’s physical therapy clinic, led by Shane Jackson, DPT, is crucial to RNI’s success rate against migraine headaches, as well as getting neck & back pain patients better without surgery.

We practice coordinated neurological care for all of our patients. Most patients aren’t used to that, and they can even be skeptical – it’s a reasonable fear, since hospital systems have perfected trapping patients in self-referral networks. But RNI only offers services that we are 100% certain will provide better care than the equivalent somewhere else.

For example, we operate our own MRI because too many of our patients were wasting time and money on incorrect MRI studies elsewhere. And our physical therapists are the only p.t. team in Kansas City who are dedicated full-time to neurology patients. Their highly specialized knowledge of postural migraine triggers can sometimes bring nearly-instant relief to patients who have suffered from migraines for many years. And our sleep doctors and technicians are among the first in the world to connect sleep disorders with seemingly unrelated neurological problems like migraine.

These days, with hospitals buying up doctor practices and consolidating their power, “somewhere else” is often a hospital-owned facility, where fees for many tests are 2 to 3 times higher than at an independent clinic like RNI.


RNI is the best clinic in Kansas City for treatment of stubborn migraines.

  • We identify your particular triggers before reaching for the script pad.
  • Original research into migraine triggers helps us avoid the overuse of drugs.
  • Physical therapists who specialize in headache triggers.

Sleep Disorders

Our Sleep Center helps people every day with insomnia, fatigue, and sleep apnea.

  • Break the pills-and-caffeine cycle.
  • Sleep study available at both our Lenexa, KS, and North Kansas City clinics.
  • We walk you through your sleep study and what it means.
  • For patients with CPAP we carefully track compliance.

Multiple Sclerosis

Coordinated care is crucial for MS patients, as we closely track patients’ disease and tailor their care.

  • Accurate diagnosis and monitoring of disease trajectory is critical.
  • Pysical therapists specialize in MS issues like mobility and balance.
  • RNI is a clinical trial center for MS in Kansas City.
  • RNI conducts original research into MS.

General Neurology

We offer the fullest array of neurological testing and diagnosis of any independent neurology clinic in Kansas City.

  • Equipment is specialized for neurology, including our MRI.
  • We do tests correctly to answer neurologic questions the first time through, and explain results clearly.
  • Acute Back & Neck Pain – We are expert in diagnosis and therapy, and rarely recommend surgery. RNI physical therapists teach patients how to stay pain-free.
  • Memory loss and neuropsychology evaluation

Alzheimer’s Disease, Memory Loss, Dementia, and Neuropsychological Evaluation Center

Memory loss and problems with concentration can be caused by many factors and diseases including:

  • Sleep disorders and medication effects
  • Stroke and vascular disease
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Fronto-temproal Lobar Degeneration
  • Cancer
  • Metabolic deficiencies
  • Polypharmacy
  • Seizures

Evaluation often includes imaging with MRI of the memory sructures, neurophychological evaluation, EEG, and other tests.

Neurology of Hypermobility Center

The neurology complications of hypermobility syndrome (a relatively severe form of which is Ehlers-Danlos syndrome), have been recognized recently by Dr. Rowe as the following triad of symptoms:

  • Joint hypermobility and pain, including neck pain, back pain, and headache, often misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia
  • “Dysautonomia “ or problems with the automatic nervous system that provoke dizziness and problems with blood pressure regulation (POTS, or Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome), GI problems, sweating abnormalities, red hands and feet, and sometimes endometriosis.
  • Fatigue with sleep disturbances including problems going to sleep or staying asleep or feeling tired no matter how much sleep you get.

This syndrome is often misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia and treated with NSAIDs and antidepressants

by Vernon Rowe, M.D.
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