General Neurologists | Rowe Neurology Institute

Neurologists treat a wide variety of general neurological conditions. While RNI has built centers of excellence around several subspecialties, we also provide what we believe is the best outpatient neurology care of all neurologists in the Kansas City Region. We are able to provide cost-effective, high quality care, because we have everything patients need as a part of our Institute.

Our neurologists have NO FACILITY FEES TACKED ON, as do many of our hospital-based colleagues.

Our diverse team of neurologists and providers includes a tremendous breadth of knowledge in-house, in MRI, EEG, EMG, Sleep, Headache, Multiple Sclerosis, Physical Therapy for Back Pain and Neck Pain, and Video Monitor Capabilities for the evaluation of seizures and spells.

Dizziness is also a frequent problems seen by neurologists, and we have special expertise at our Institute for the evaluation of this common symptom.  

We also have been recognized for our efficiency in getting to the root cause of patients’ problems, and getting those problems treated quickly. In addition, we work with all hospital systems.

Two locations in Kansas City.
New Patients seen in 3 days.